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M&M Candy Count Contest For November

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Each month, HxG Community looks to provide a contest to it’s members. This month we decided to get a jar and fill it with M&M’s to see what member could guess the count. Simple but worth it as the prizes we are offering make it worthwhile.

Prizes (Winner picks ONE):

– 1 yr xbox live
– 1 yr PSN
– $50 Steam Card

Here is a picture of the Jar full of M&M’s:

If you are a gamer and are looking to join a fun, active gaming community, please make sure to submit your application TODAY!

Community News

St. Jude PLAY LIVE $500 Goal MET!

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Update: Godssouljah9 got in another $105 added to our $500 goal! That left us at $605.90 total made for St. Jude. NICE WORK!

HadokenxGaming Community has hit our goal of $500 for The Children’s of St. Jude! The campaign fundraiser started in July and will be ending in September. We had key members who pushed this charity and the community thanks them for their support. Those individual’s streams can be found over on our Fundraisers page.

Starting November, HadokenxGaming Community will be kicking off their campaign for Extra Life!